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How to protect your Smartphone from battery explosion?

Samsung’s high end flagship Smartphone explosion has raised so many questions. The new flagships known as Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge got exploded, and then, Samsung called back all the devices from across the world. WeGrab let you know why Smartphones explodes and how you can protect it.

Burnt Samsung Galaxy S7

The number of Smartphones explosion incidents got increased from last month and either it would be Samsung's latest flagships the Galaxy S7 Edge or Galaxy Note 7. In fact, one Galaxy Note 7 exploded very badly in a vehicle and sounds very high.

Well, the Galaxy Note 7 is not the only phone has problem in their battery, we’ve seen several cases of Smartphone explosion. And these issues will continue till Smartphone makers use Lithium-ion batteries in their Smartphones.

The most chances of Smartphone explosion is during charging, but in recent cases, it seems like it can exploded anytime. In most cases, according to experts, the battery is the main cause of Smartphone’s explosion.

Know, why Smartphone explodes?

Smartphones Lithium-ion batteries mainly get exploded due to these two main issues 1) due to overheat 2) Due to damages.

Due to battery overheat or excessive heat

In most coming cases, the main cause of explosion is battery overheat. That’s due to faulty charging circuits or improper input power. In this, battery charging continues due to excessive heat and that’s why battery won’t get cooled or got exploded or melt. 
It can also injure the user’s hand or even the place caught fire where the phone has been placed.

Physical Damage

Lithium batteries are light weight and get charged easily and it gives more output too. Obviously, if it’s lightweight, then its layer and the layer separate electrodes to the main layer is fragile. And a fall from the height can raise the chances of short circuit in it, and if short circuit happened then explosion is sure.

Use of wrong charger and battery

If you are using a different charger to charge your phone, it will heats up your battery a lot and its protection circuit got damaged. And, if you’ve purchased a 3rd party battery then it can also be a problem for you.

Due to continuous charging or overcharging

Material Scientist Dan Steingart from Princeston University said  that battery is like a rubber band, when you charge it, it soaks and observes power and acts like a elastic, and when you use it, it releases the power. As like more pulling power can break the rubber band, more charging power can damage the phone.

It’s quite obvious, charging phone continuously can damage the battery.

Tips to protect yourself

Always charge your phone with the charger comes bundled or included in the package.
Always purchase or use genuine battery or else take your phone to the service center for battery replacement.

Burnt iPhone 5S
Do not place or put your phone on warm places while charging, it can make your phone warmer.

Using your phone while charging can make phone warmer, it’s better to use your phone lesser while charging. 

It’s not much wrong to charge your phone when the power is less than 50%, but I recommend charging your phone when the power is less than 10% for a smoother performance.

Do not overcharge your phone and try avoiding over charging.

Try to avoid charging phone all night, well, some phones stops charging when power reaches to 100% or battery get fully charged. But, after seeing recent Samsung cases, it’s better to be alerted.

Burnt iPhone 6
Avoid using local power banks and only use certified power banks or from a reputed brand.

Do not put weight on your Smartphone or do not keep it under direct sunlight.
There is no need to be panic, if you are facing any issues in your phone’s battery. Take your Smartphone to the service center and ask about the problems from the service guy.

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